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Kuboniwa M, Hasegawa Y, Mao S, Shizukuishi S, Amano A, Lamont RJ, et al. P. gingivalis accelerates gingival epithelial cell progression through the cell cycle. Microbes Infect. 2008;10(2):122-8.

PubMed includes a broader range of resources than Medline (OvidSP) as it provides links to other databases.

  • Author names - Clicking on an author's name will bring up a list of all records that have an author with that name. However, note that different authors with the same name will also be found.

  • MeSH terms - clicking on a MeSH term produces a small box that lets you choose to search PubMed for records containing that term, or search the MeSH subject heading list.
  •  Similar articles - Note that the related items found in PubMed will usually differ from those found in Medline (OvidSP) as they use different methods to identify related items. PubMed calculates the relative similarity of any two records based on an overall weighted estimate of terms they have in common compared with other records in the database.
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  • LinkOut - This lists more online sources of possibly related papers eg for this paper, the Elsevier Science link takes you to the ScienceDirect record for the paper, which contains links to other related papers in that database, including those from journals not available using PubMed

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