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Kuboniwa M, Hasegawa Y, Mao S, Shizukuishi S, Amano A, Lamont RJ, et al. P. gingivalis accelerates gingival epithelial cell progression through the cell cycle. Microbes Infect. 2008;10(2):122-8.

ScienceDirect is a relatively small database containing records for journals and books (mostly scientific/technical/medical plus engineering and some business) published by Elsevier. The journal content of this database is included in Scopus. ScienceDirect includes a number of pearl growing features. In particular, it locates "recommended" using 'other articles that have been read, within a limited time window, by readers of the current article'1.

The complete reference screen:

In ScienceDirect the complete reference screen in most cases is actually the full text of the article (unlike many other databases). You can view the complete reference screen for the starting paper by clicking on the title of the paper in your search results list. This screen contains a number of features for finding papers similar or related to your starting paper:

  • Citing articles - ScienceDirect records include a direct link to the list of citing articles found in Scopus
  • References - Clicking on the References link on the left side of the screen (or scroll to the bottom of the screen) reveals a complete listing of all the papers cited by your starting paper with links to their Scopus records, citing articles (also in Scopus), and full-text where available.

  • Note that in ScienceDirect clicking on the hyperlinked authors' name takes you to Scopus where a list of the authors' other papers is displayed.

Watch this video on pearl growing using Science Direct.


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