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Multiple authors

CourseBuilder has a few features to enable multiple authors to collaborate on editing a course.

Administrators and contributors

Choose who can edit your course on the Course preferences » Advanced tab.

Administrators can change every aspect of a course, including publishing, editing course preferences, add/move/edit/delete pages and page content. They can also add or remove additional administrators.

Contributors can only edit page content, i.e. add, move, edit, or remove page elements.

Sticky note

Add sticky notes to a page for the other authors to view. Notes might include: "suggest a change to...", or "take a look at...", or "I have not yet finished...".

Notes added to the editor are not published so don't worry about students seeing them. Authors can delete a note once viewed.

Activate sticky notes


On the Advanced tab, select Allow students to add sticky notes.

Click Save.

Note: Sticky notes are visible by Administrators and Contributors in the CourseBuilder Editor, but they are not published.  When a student uses sticky notes - in the published course - they are only visible to the individual student.


A little 'note' icon will appear underneath the course banner . Clicking this will add a sticky note to the page.

Note: In the published course (Student view), students can also add notes, but these notes are not visible by others.


Concurrent users

If two authors attempt to edit the same content at the same time, the second author will see a warning message. This does not restrict the second author from making their own changes though, so proceed at your own risk.

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