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Access to CourseBuilder

Who can access CourseBuilder?

How do students access my course?

What levels of access are available for students?

My students are being denied access to the published site

I want to enable a colleague to edit my course

I want to enable a colleague, who is external to the University, to edit my course

I want a reviewer to view my course before I publish

The New Course button is not visible to me

I forgot my CourseBuilder password

I was logged out unexpectedly

Publishing / exporting your course

I don't seem to be able to publish my course

What URL do I give to my students?

I've published my course but the students can't see the changes

Using CourseBuilder with Canvas or Moodle

I want to embed my course within Canvas

My students are being denied access to the CourseBuilder content

I want to export my course to a file that can be restored into a Moodle course shell

I want to suppress the banner and side navigation for my CourseBuilder course

I want to link to a particular tab within a Tabbed content or Accordion

I pasted a wiki-style link. Now it doesn't work when I publish

I want my wiki-style link to open in the same window

Using multimedia

I want to make a screen recording

I want to use a screen shot (snapshot)

I want my students to access the lecture recordings

Some of my images don't display

Make media file downloadable by students

Student engagement and feedback

Tell me what student engagement and feedback options are available

I want to download data from my questionaire

How to undo a highlight?

Saving and backing up your work

My changes are not being saved

I accidentally deleted a page or content within a page

I want to back up my course

I want to make changes to my course but keep a copy of the original

I want to download a copy of my course before I edit it

I downloaded my course as a zip file but I cannot open it

General questions

What CourseBuilder support is available?

Tell me about copyright

I want to copy content from existing courses/pages

I want to create a zip file for use with CourseBuilder

The editing windows are too small

I can't get the Viewport to webpage element to display an embedded webpage

How long does my course remain active?

How to add H5P content in Coursebuilder?

On this page navigation pane

How to provide print version of existing pages or embedded element for students ?


Questions that are not already answered here can be directed to the CourseBuilder team via the

If you would like learning design advice, either contact your faculty representative or request a consultation with the elearning team at CLeaR; see the Getting Help and Elearning Projects sections on the homepage.

For urgent teaching matters relating to CourseBuilder, please email

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