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Viewing volunteers as part-time political marketers

Academic Literature

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US 2016 Presidential election

Donald Trump phone bank in CA [2m]

Close Election Inspires Clinton's Phone Bank to Generate More Calls in Florida, September 2016

US 2012 presidential election Obama campaign

Call to volunteers to help with GOTV First Colorado get out the vote Obama campaign October 2012

Are you in? Video to volunteers for the Obama 2012 campaign

2012 Presidential Election: Volunteer for Barack Obama's Campaign -

Women for Obama Launch House Party - Shows how internal volunteer stuff helps build votes/support

Young Americans are Greater Together -  

US campaign discussions with volunteers about strategy

2016 - Campaign Strategy Update | State of the Race with Robby Mook | Hillary Clinton - directed at volunteers - October 2015

2012 - 

2008 - "David Plouffe on Our Strategy" 6:34


Obama Government 2008-2012

"The Future of the Grassroots Movement" 6:34 "Barack Obama Listening Tours" 6:34

2007/8 Clinton democratic nomination campaign

"Volunteering for Hillary in Pennsylvania" 0:40

"Meeting the One Millionth Supporter" 5:15

"Rob Reiner: Action!" 5:28


The Cost of FreePolitical Trade Secrets (August 2015) – Article from campaign consultant Sean Bartley on the benefits and costs of using volunteers.

Obama/US Democratic party & government

Organising for America

Year One report on OFA Ari Melber, "Year One of Organizing for America: The Permanent Field Campaign in a Digital Age," techPresident Special Report (Jan. 2010)

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