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Academic Literature

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US 2012 presidential election Obama campaign

President Obama: Help us get to one million appeal for donations with Barack -


DJing to fundraise for the Australian Greens - Scott Ludlam tries hand at DJing for Greens fundraiser – 2 minutes - The Greens senator Scott Ludlam – also known as DJ S-Ludz – put the party into the Australian Greens in an effort to boost funds and awareness for the WA Senate vote -

Campaign Fundraising for the US 2014 Midterm Elections

Alex Roarty talks about first quarter campaign fundraising for the 2014 midterm elections. He talks about some of the most competitive races, how funds are spent, and various House and Senate fundraising efforts across the country. 47:38

Canada - Justin Trudeau Liberals

Canadian Liberals – BBQ/Win Dinner with Justin

Justin Trudeau fundraiser targeting women criticised, 2013 - - there is a 13 minute one at the top and a shorter two minute one below it; and/or [7m] sun news/NDP criticism.

Labour Review of 2014 NZ Election

Where Labour went wrong – election review leakedNewshub (June 2015)– News report discussing the Labour party’s internal review in to what went wrong for the party in the 2014 NZ election – highlights the lack of financial resources, a lack of campaign preparation, internal disunity, a lack of message discipline, and complex and confusing policies as being factors in Labour’s defeat.


Developing an Effective Fundraising MindsetPolitical Trade Secrets (June 2015) – Article from political consultant Dustin Olson on how candidates and their staff can develop the correct mindset for effective fundraising of a campaign.

US 2016 Primaries

Bernie Sanders $27 – April 2016

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