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Communicating Progress and Success

Academic Literature

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau ‘27 Promises Kept’, Advert by the Canadian Liberal Party, November 2016 [1m]; see also website ‘Prime Minister of Canada marks one year anniversary of the swearing-in of the 29th Ministry’ PM of Canada website

Obama Keeping his word 2012 campaign election ads

US President Barack Obama 2008-12

Highways and Recovery, October 2009, 7:49

Milestones on Healthcare and Iraq, November 2009, 5:03

Where the Recovery Jobs Are, October 2009, 7:41

Recovery in Elkhart, Indiana, August 2009, 4:21

Bill Signings American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, February 2009, 1:16

Obama talking about the recovery in a road building site:

UK Liberal Democrats in power 2010-2015

UK Liberal Democrat Party communication of achievements of their first year in governmentLiberal Democrat Party Political Broadcast post election into government September 2010.

UK Conservative Party 2015

UK Conservative Party April 2015 FB video, Published on Apr 14, 2015 ‘Let's keep going - to build a brighter, more secure future for you, your family and our country’

UK Labour Blair Government 1997-2005

1st 100 days UK Labour 1997 (27/6/9) shows what has been achieved already 

UK 2001 Labour election ad shows achievements of 1st term

UK Labour Party- Proud of Labour:

UK Labour Blair-Brown Government 2005-2010

Voter oriented

Labour Party election broadcast noting progress being made Real People, Real Stories, Real Help, September 2009, 2:40

Labour Party election broadcast discussing what the party had done and will do; Gordon Brown: You have to grow, not cut your way out of a recession, May 2009, 3:08

Lowest NHS Waits in History, March 2009, 1:32

Comedian Eddie Izzards Favourite Labour Achievements of a 12 year Labour government, April 2009, 0:54

Party ad showing delivery for local elections April 2008

Party video with secretary discussing progress in jobs and showing PM visiting centre and announcing the expansion of the Backing Young Britain Initiative at Action Job Centre Plus, December 2009, 2:06

Party video showing Brown announcing an expansion of Family Intervention Projects, January 2010, 1:10

Party video showing Brown announcing fulfilment of 2005 election promise to create 3, 000 children's centres, June 2009, 1:24

Party/internal market targeted communication

UK PM Gordon Brown discussion of achievements for internal market - 'Change we Choose' at the 2009 UK Labour Party Conference, 1:03 Broadcast to coincide with Queen's Speech in November 2009

Fighters and Believers, November 2009, 2:43

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