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Managing problems in delivery

Academic Literature

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Delivery communication around the world recession/global financial crisis

UK Labour party election broadcast on the recession - Queen's Speech - Standing up for Britain. Gordon Brown explains and justifies their approach to the recession "We in Britain have been tested before, but weve never been found wanting, weve never been broken by anyone, or anything. And if we can work together, we can not only get through these difficult times, but we can build a stronger, fairer Britain for everyone of our citizens." December 2008, 2:38

UK PM Gordon Brown discussing challenges ahead, 2009 - Five Key Challenges and the G20 (podcast), September 2009, 2:18


NZ Government

NZ Labour Minister Phil Twyford concedes failure in delivery January 2019


Australian PM Kevin Rudd, Australia - February 2010 - admitting mistakes over home insulation campaign see:

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