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Making Delivery happen in power

Academic Literature

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The Strategy is Delivery – UK Institute for Government’s one and a half hour lecture and discussion with Mike Bracken, Executive Director of Digital at the Cabinet Office and Head of the Government Digital Service (GDS), reflects on the lessons he has learned while leading the digital agenda across government, and set out the thinking driving GDS’s strategy for the next Parliament - 1:22:25

Using "Deliverology" to Create Jobs, Boost Growth, and Promote Inclusion - all under 5 mins – by Charles Sabel Professor of Law and Social Science Columbia Law School:

1. Asking delivery units to solve "wicked" problems (

2. Using delivery units to promote inclusion (

3. Using delivery units to spur development (

4. Using delivery units to target job creation (

5. Using a "default condition" to shape agreement (

6. A form of "anarcho-federalism" (

7. Why monitoring is so critical: case of Malaysia (

8. New delivery systems help stem corruption (


Canada copying UK delivery unit

Blair UK advisor brought over to Canada –Sir Michael Barber: Results and Delivery Unit: Lessons for Canada May 2016’ - Matthew Mendelsohn Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Results and Delivery) Privy Council Office
Sir Michael Barber, thank you for joining us. Welcome here to Ottawa. You set up the original Results and Delivery Unit under Tony Blair’s government. Can you describe a bit the motivation and impetus for that, and how that differed from previous approaches in British governments? [10m]

‘Privy Council Office’s new delivery unit increases capacity for centralized control, say experts’


Discussion of delivery units around the world

UK Government unit for delivery: Efficiency, Reform and Growth (ERG), established in 2010, to replace the Blair Delivery Unit

Governor Martin O'Malley Delivery Unit

The Australian Government Cabinet Implementation Unit:

Hamburger, Peter (2006). The Australian Government Cabinet Implementation Unit. In Improving Implementation: Organisational Change and Project Management. ANZSOG/ANU

Discussions about delivery

Klein, Ezra and Sarah Kliff (2013). ‘Obama’s last campaign: inside the White House plan to sell Obamacare’.The Washington Post: Wonkblog, July 17. 

Organising for Policy Implementation: The Emergence and Role of Implementation Units in Policy Design and Oversight- Section 5. Implmentation Review – Chapter 19, just one section of a larger source- all of which is relevant -

Mulgan and Lee, Better Policy Delivery and Design: A Discussion Paper,

Relationship Foundation Strategy Unit Seminar- Influencing, Assessing and Developing Relationships

Accenture puts out reports on government delivery; search within their search button. For example: and and

Adair, B. & Holan, A. D. (2010) Rating Obama's promises at the 1-year mark. Politifact. January 14, <>

Tracking delivery

University of Laval tracker of Justin Trudeau

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