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Pre-Election Delivery

Academic Literature

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Canadian 2015 election

Justin Trudeau ad conveying he was ready to govern - ‘Ready’ August 2015

Canadian PM Conservative Stephen Harper ‘Proven Leadership’ ad conveys difficulties of leadership, May 2015

UK 2010 election

Scaling back promises mid election - BBC media report on how the UK parties reduced their promises in the 2010 election:

Making plans clear

Example of effective and ineffective communication on this by John Key (National leader) and David Cunliffe (Labour leader) in the last TV debate in the 2014 NZ election when both are asked to lay out their  first 100 days plan -


CNN, 2010, Americans Split on Obama's First Year, Poll Finds -

Steinhauser, P. 2008, Poll Finds Great Expectations for Obama, CNN -

McCullagh, D. 2008, Obama Plans Gone From Transition Website, November 11, CBS News -


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