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Interactive and Responsive Leadership Communication

Academic Literature

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

USA\ President Obama - Market-Oriented Communications

Sports Appearances

Television Appearances


Minority-targeted Communication

Family-oriented Communication


NZ PM Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand PM John Key and Bill English

Nz National 2017 Bill’s Story [7m] September 2017

National campaign video in the NZ 2014 election - On the road with John Key - talks about listening, September 18 2014

NZ Prime Minister John Key interviewed by 7 year olds during the 2014 NZ election, 25 August

Key explaining mass surveillance really well breakfast tv


UK PM Gordon Brown

Televised Q & A

"Ask the PM" Online Initiative

Listening Tours and Radio Appearances

Personal-Interest Stories


Various examples

Conversations with Bill Kristol (2015, 15 March). Paul Begala on Bill Clinton and the Clinton White House. YouTube. Accessed 20 May 2018 from



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