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Political Leadership

Academic Literature

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Discussions of marketing and leadership

Canadian PM Conservative Stephen Harper ‘Proven Leadership’ ad conveys difficulties of leadership, May 2015

Prying Eyes: Campaigns Using Your Data To Capture Your Vote discusses analyst institute and author of The Victory Lab Published on Jun 13, 2013 Inside look at new science of political campaigning. Fox News: Special Report Blogs. Shows methodology and use in politics in the US 2012 Presidential election but also raises democratic concerns. 5.5m

NZ documentary expose about National Party use of marketing - "The Hollow Men Trailer" - 1:32 suggests too much marketing/politics by design

Parody of Australian PM Kevin Rudd choosing policies according to polls - "Kevin Rudd Labor Ad: the Chaser's War on Everything" (parody) 0:51 mocks Rudd for being too led by opinion polls

Leadership and PM in the 2012 US elections - academic discussion Professor Ladkin and Baines October 2012

Marketing and Leadership in Politics: What businesses can learn from President Obama

Video of lecture by Mark Kennedy, Director, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University part 1 – 35 minutes part 2 – 17 minutes part 3 – 34 minutes


Poll driven leadership changes -

Poll driven leadership changes - Australia

Article called 'Office politics: Tony Abbott's staff slow to leave their old digs' but also a very amusing video 'Five PMs since 2010. Here we go again.' 



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