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Academic Literature

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New Democracies and democratic implications

Our brand is crisis, documentary about US consultants such as James Carville and Stan Greenberg advising Bolivian political leader. Demonstrates global knowledge sharing but also the democratic consequences. DVD details: Boynton, Rachel (2005). Our brand is crisis. Boynton Films; or (2006) Kock Lorber Films. DVD, ISBN 1-4172-0108-8. Trailor gives a good idea of the DVD and is at:

Marketing war

George W Bush presidency selling war

Scott McClellan on "Selling the War to the American People":

Big data and improving policy/public sector

Investment in data can produce a big return for government -The Guardian – public leaders network – Big data panel discussion on using big data in public sector - 15:45. Jonathan Raper, chief executive of, says the release of government data can improve accountability; Joel Gurin, senior adviser at the GovLab at New York University, highlights the private companies using public data; Tom Smith, managing director of OCSI, explores the high return-on-investment potential in opening up data; and Dell's Paul Brook talks about the democratisation of data.

Justin Trudeau

What Justin Trudeau gains in brand, he may lack in policyThe Globe and Mail (December 2013) – Video interview with a political correspondent pointing out the effectiveness of Trudeau’s branding, whilst also highlighting how he is ‘light’ on policy.


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