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Big data - analytical and experimental marketing

Academic Literature

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Big data in campaigns

Presentations on data, Workshop on Media and democracy conference, Canada, 2012

Big Data and Political marketing 1/4

Big Data and Political marketing 2/4 . Lecture which discusses data on Obama, reaction to speeches by Romney and so on. 9 minutes long. By MDD Vancouver, Canada.

Big Data and Political marketing 3/4 D Colin Bennett from the Department of political science, University of Victoria discusses party databases

Big Data and Political marketing 4/4 discusses prinvacy regulations

In government and policy

Using Big Data to Influence Government Policy – Wall Street Journal discussion - Dan Kaufman, the director of DARPA's Information Innovation Office, speaks with WSJ's Elizabeth Dwoskin about how the military can use big data to inform public policy - 4:09

Investment in data can produce a big return for government -The Guardian – public leaders network – Big data panel discussion on using big data in public sector - 15:45. Jonathan Raper, chief executive of, says the release of government data can improve accountability; Joel Gurin, senior adviser at the GovLab at New York University, highlights the private companies using public data; Tom Smith, managing director of OCSI, explores the high return-on-investment potential in opening up data; and Dell's Paul Brook talks about the democratisation of data.

The Value of Big Data and Analytics in Government - Oracle Session 3: Big Data 2014 - A Public Sector Partners Forum 50:51 - Speakers: Mark Johnson, Director, Engineered Systems and Big Data Programs, Oracle Corporation Wayne Babby, Deputy Director Office of Research, CA Dept of Corrections, Abdul Shaik, BI/Reporting Manager CA Dept of Corrections. The question of why the Public Sector should embark on a Data Discovery program is being asked at all levels of Government. This session focuses on the benefits of implementing a Big Data Program and the capabilities it builds in Public Sector Organizations. The key challenges identified were disparate data systems, localized data, volumes of data, data received from external agencies in flat files, inconsistency of format and the amount of time needed to get the desired results. This session was presented at the 2014 PSP Big Data Forum -- Managing Government Information Effectively -



Media discussions of big data in politics

‘The Death of the Hunch' in Slate discussed how experimental and analytic marketing is being used to predict/prove which ads could be most effective. May 2012

'How parties 'identify' voters, and why it matters: But the same tools that help parties get out their votes can also enable dirty tricks' By Janyce McGregor, CBC News,  March 2 2012 

‘Obama campaign took unorthodox approach to ad buying' discusses how the used different data to target TV ads in unlikely places

Article called 'Nudge my vote' in the New York Times discusses the Analyst institute

As does 'Dream team' article

Discussion of analytical marketing applied to a state level campaign in a swing state where turnout matters:

Friesen, Joe (2011). ‘'Micro-targeting' lets parties conquer ridings, one tiny group at a time’. The Globe and Mail, Friday, April 22.

Big data and analytic companies

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