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Focus groups

Academic Literature

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Introduction to focus groups

Political parties' focus groups and polling research – Excellent well explained introduction to the methodology by BBC media; includes discussion with UK consultant Deborah mattinson and on the value of focus groups to connect politicians - 2:59

Discussion of influence of market researcher and value of focus groups - BBC Daily Politics – great discussion of the value of focus groups in showing how voters might react to the new leader – consultant Frank Luntz who researched UK politician David Cameron before he became party leader and PM - on - July, 8 2014 - 6:37 -

Discussions and examples of focus groups in politics

‘What do the focus groups make of Jeremy Corbyn?’ 1 October 2015 – write up of focus group comments on UK Labour Party’s leader -

Focus groups react to local political ads - Fox News media discussion including US consultant Frank Luntz - 3:27

Café mom US 2012 presidential elections programme. Frank Luntz running focus group meeting on Stephen Colbert Polls South Carolina Moms. 28 minutes

Frank Luntz Focus group US 2012 presidential debates - Romney Dominanted Oct 16 2012

Frank Luntz Focus Group Picks Winner of First GOP primaries Debate, US 2012 election -

Sarah Palin Fails Focus Group – 2008 - Undecided Minnesota voters reject Sarah Palin – C-Span (6m)

NZ 2008 election media focus group - "Focus Groups use Animals to describe NZ's politicians" October 24 2008, 4:58

With All Due Respect (10/09/15)Bloomberg – Bloomberg politics show episode where the host are joined by Republican Congressman Vin Weber where focus groups are discussed.



New York Times article on focus groups on discontent with Obama, 2010:

What do the focus groups make of Jeremy Corbyn?New Statesman (March 2016) – Article highlighting the thoughts of a focus group from Croydon Central on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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