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Academic literature

Burton, Michael John (2012), ‘Strategic Voter Selection', Chapter 4 in the Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing edited by Jennifer Lees-Marshment,  Routledge

Mills, Stephen. (2014). Chapter 12. Micro-Targeting in The Professionals: Strategy, Money & the Rise of the Political Campaigner in Australia. Collingwood, Victoria, Australia: Black Inc.

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Marketing emotion and micro-targeting through political ads Academic discussion

Political talk podcast - political targeting,. Dec 2012.

Pod cast on Undecided voter targeting Dec 19 2012

"The Strategist" (Mark Penn, advisor to Hillary Clinton) June 22 2009, 5:27

"The Persuaders" June 22 2009,

Episode 2: Lee Vasche Hits Grassroots, Micro-targeting, & Getting the Most out of Your PollingPolitical Trade Secrets (July 2015) – Podcast/interview with president of Triton Polling Lee Vasche on the importance of good grassroots campaigning, and how campaigns can effectively use polling and pollsters.

US 2012 Presidential election

Michelle Obama - Join Women for Obama -

New political ads for women US Oct 2012 3 minutes

2011 Targeting in Canada

In the 2011 Canadian federal election a group created an entertaining but serious video complaing about how politicians targeted them (perhaps because it was only done superficially in terms of photo ops rather than policies): See also Rick's Rant from the Season Finale of Rick Mercer Report, Tuesday March 29 2011 which discusses the use of targeting in the 2011 Canadian election but also the need for youth to vote

UK election 2010 targeting

See or or First part (up to 4.30 minutes) discusses target marketing and voter profiling in the UK 2010 election, discussing the idea of 'Motorway man' and undecided voters.

New Zealand 2011 Election

Robyn Malcolm Celebrity Skyping Overseas Voters for the Green Party -

NZ Labour 2011 Ad - Kids Health in Maori -

Ethnic targeting

US Political Parties Eye Asian American Vote October 16 2014


‘Obama campaign took unorthodox approach to ad buying' discusses how the used different data to target TV ads in unlikely places

Canadia radio featured a programme critique targeting based on ethnic identity. CBC radio looks at the politics of courting the so-called ethnic vote as our political leaders learn to walk the very fine line between listening and pandering, see:

Canadian newspaper article ‘Micro-targeting lets parties conquer ridings, one tiny group at a time' by journalist Joe Friesen, Globe and Mail April 22 2011

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