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Opposition/candidate/policy research

Academic Literature

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Explaining opposition research

Opposition research: Ancient art, modern science – The Economist - 02:04  -; or

"Opposition Research Videos: Political Web Video World Part 6" (New Politics Institute) March 30 2007, 1:12

Lack of opposition research, Trump's Presidential campaign bid, 2016

 ‘Trump Said to Block Campaign’s Requests to Do Self-Opposition Research - The decision contributed to his campaign being caught unprepared for the past week’s barrage of claims he mistreated women’.  - has short video also [4m] which discusses what should be done as well as what he did not do

Impact of opposition research - Obama 2008 election example

"Barack Obama Interview" March 28 2008, 9:01

"Obama Resigns Church over Pastor Hillary Rants" June 1 2008, 2:38

"Obama Resigns from his Church" May 31 2008, 2:53

"Amid Further Uproar, Obama Resigns from his Church" May 31 2008, 1:51

Other US examples

"Gotcha Videos" - Rudy Guiliani in Drag - March 20 2007, 1:56

US 2014 elections; How Republican Opposition Research Dig Into Dems – Bloomberg TV - 03:03  -. In this installment of "Power Brokers," Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly takes an inside look of the Republican oppo research group America Rising and how they are transforming this dark art into big business. (Source: Bloomberg) or

Digging up the 47% video: a look at opposition research

PSB programme - remember the "47%" video that went viral and put the romney campaign into a mad scramble? Ever wonder how it was unearthed? A shrewd investigative reporter? A paid employee of the obama campaign? Wrong on both counts. October 2012. A longer, balanced discussion. 6m.

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