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Selling policy

Academic Literature

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  • Communicating tax increases - Canadian Liberals 2015 - Fairness for the middle classes -
  • Canadian Harper government ad anti-drugs [1m]

  • Canadian government advertising for Canadian oil 2013-14 – ‘Friendly government advertising on Washington subways – CBC media piece on Natural Resources Canada blanketed Washington subway stations with friendly ads promoting Canadian oil. This round of ads ran in Metro Centre from Dec. 31 to mid-February 1:14 (Just footage of the ads, no commentary)


Australian Abbott government advertises university policy changes 2014 - Govt funds ad blitz on university changes - Sky News Australia media discussion on  The Abbott government is using taxpayer funds for an advertising blitz to sell its controversial higher education changes. 01:06

Bob Brown blasts Rudd's mining ad campaign on ABC Radio National

Howard Government Advertising

WorkChoices Ad Parody[1m]

Advertisement - Work Choices [ACTU attack ad]

Work choices ad

Selling Health Care insurance, Obama USA

Health ad

Magic Johnson on Health insurance;;

US President Obama interview show Between Two Ferns with comedian Zach Galifianakis - or or

“The Story of the Affordable Care Act: From an Unmet Promise to the Law of the Land.” Organizing for Action

USA President Obama: Policy Initiatives

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, January 2009, 6:47

A Strong Middle Class = A Strong Future, January 2009, 19:52

A New Standard of Openness, April 2009, 9:41

Roadmap to Recovery, June 2009, 2:09

Credit Card Bill of Rights, August 2009, 2:37

Race to the Top $4B Education Investment, November 2009, 32:03

Health Care Reform, September 2009, 4:00

Financial Regulatory Reform, September 2009, 4:00

Education to Innovate, November 2009, 18:16

Obama: The Volcker Rule for Financial Institutions, January 2010, 8:16

George W Bush presidency selling war

Media report

Scott McClellan, Bush advisor, on "Selling the War to the American People" -

New Zealand

Annette King criticises $600k of government advertising by the New Zealand National Government [3.25m]

Thatcher Conservative government selling privatisation in the UK

British Gas Ad Tell Sid Postman -

Privatisation in Britain during 1980's under Mrs Thatcher – BBC documentary detailing the privatisation of industries in Britain during the 1980's including British Telecom, British Gas, British Airways and the electricity boards and creating a nation of shareholders - resulting in the rise of "Popular Capatalism" - 1 and a half hours -

Privatization in Britain – 8 minute excerpt from Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy -

UK PM Brown policy initiatives

Home Owners Support Package, September 2008, 0:37

Post-Expenses Scandal Reforms, April 2009, 3:28

3Rs Initiative: one to one tuition, January 2010, 1:22

Smarter Government, November 2009, 3:00

National Strategy for Carers, June 2008, 8:16

Referendum campaigning

Issue campaign video on the use of marijuana as the US state of Florida voted on legalizing it in 2014. This Is The 'Grease' Parody To End All 'Grease' Parodies. You're Welcome, Everyone -


Website featuring links to US Government Ads

Selling Obama care

''Obama’s Vote-Getting Tactics Struggle to Find the Uninsured'

Obama Administration ad to target young men (the hardest demo to get to sign up for health insurance) to sign up see

‘White House enlists kitty, piglet, duckling to pitch Obamacare’

Klein, E., and Kliff, S. (2013) ‘Obama’s last campaign: Inside the White House plan to sell Obamacare’, Washington Post, July 17, <> accessed 25 July 2013.

Shear, M. (2009) 'Polling Helps Obama Frame Message in Health Care Debate.’ Washington Post, July 30 <> accessed January 18 2010

New York Times (2013) ‘a Chance for Pro Sports to Help on Healthcare.” By the Editorial Board  New York Times, July 2, Accessed August 201

Australia, Kevin Rudd

Key Government, New Zealand

Annette King criticises $600k of government advertising in parliament transcript

Australian PM John Howard work choices advertising

Howard ignored his own polling Mark Davis Political Correspondent March 7, 2008

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