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Marketing Communication of Candidates & Leaders

Academic Literature

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Bill Clinton: his personal story ‘US Democrats - Bill Clinton 1992 Video 5 Part 1’

Nz National 2017 Bill’s Story (Bill English)

David Cameron in a 2010 Conservative General Election Broadcast 4.52

NZ Labour “Mary” ad (2008) 0:30

"Peter Dunne Replies to DomPost" 1.50

“David Cameron’s Image” 0:34

Strategic attack ads

Negative attack ads

Amusing attack ads

Amusing ads

Funny advert with the wife pleading with voters to re-elect her husband - A really funny way of doing an ad to convey the candidates commitment - very funny and engaging


O'Leary, Noreen (2009). ‘GMMB’. Mediaweek, 19(24) OR Brandweek vol 50 issue 24 see

What Justin Trudeau’s Remarkable Rise Teaches Us About the Future of Political MarketingMedium (December 2015) – Article discussing the successes behind Trudeau’s style of campaigning and political marketing, particularly praising his ability to “create powerful moments that contain massive viral potential.”

UK PM Gordon Brown




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