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Social Marketing

Academic literature

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Audio-visual links


US White House Let's Move campaign 2014

First Lady and Will Ferrell

Obama and Biden take part in lets move at the White House

Public health campaigns - Australia

2009 Australian slip slop slap

Focus on the Positive - Anti-Smoking PSA (2002)

Make Anti-smoking Advocacy Cool SWAT Students Working Against Tobacco

Information-focused centrelink ad:

Australian Government Quit Smoking 2010 Ad

Australian Government Measure Up 2010 Ad

Generic discussion of government and advertising

Can the government and the ad industry work together



Spanish anti child abuse campaign

UK media discussion of UK govt campaigns


United States

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Helicobacter pylori and Peptic Ulcer Disease (Nationwide, USA)
How we lost our stomach pains and regained our love for chili.

Click It or Ticket (State of North Carolina, USA)
Why North Carolina has one of the highest seat belt usage rates in the US.

Florida "Truth" Campaign (State of Florida, USA)
How Florida's anti-smoking campaign is getting kids to trade tar-stained fingers for healthy pink lungs.

SWAT Students Working Against Tobacco: Big Tobacco P1v3 [5m]

Mass Media and Health Practices Project (Honduras)
Honduran mothers are mixing salt, water, and sugar to fight dehydration: their leading cause of infant mortality.

National Diabetes Education Program Hispanic/Latino Campaign (Nationwide, USA)
Switching languages reversed trends and increased knowledge about diabetes in Hispanic and Latino/a America.

National WIC Breastfeeding Promotion Project (Various States, USA)
From Health Issue to Heart Issue: Increasing breastfeeding rates by focusing on mother-child bonding at meal times.

PeachCare for Kids (State of Georgia, USA)
Georgia guarantees affordable health care for the children of working parents, and parents know about it.


Stop AIDS (Switzerland)
The world's longest running HIV/AIDS prevention program succeeds by working to change both private behavior and public attitudes.

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