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Celebrity marketing

Academic Literature

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Celebrity marketing in the US

UK Labour Party ad ‘What’s the choice in this election?’

'West Wing' Star Bradley Whitford On His Support For Hillary Clinton | MSNBC

Joe Biden & Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Spoof "Veep" at Correspondents' Dinner 5:03 - The 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner video sketch featuring Vice President Joe Biden, fictional "Veep" Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and First Lady Michelle Obama -

Do celeb endorsements matter in politics? – MSNBC media discussion - The New York Times' Mark Leibovich joins Morning Joe to discuss when celebrities endorse political candidates 6:12

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: President Barack Obama 6:30



Let's Move! "Focus Group" with Will Ferrell and the First Lady to promote her get move health campaign 2:46

Interesting use of comedians and late night tv shows as a social platform for discussing health and Keep Moving policy from First Lady Michelle Obama, with over 5 million views:

Non-partisan get out the vote campaign 3:26 –Rock The Vote presents #TURNOUTFORWHAT starring Lil Jon and featuring Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, E.J. Johnson, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush, Ireland Baldwin, Devendra Banhart, Ioanna Gika and Gabriel Valenciano

UK PM Gordon Brown

Comic Relief at No. 10, March 2009, 1:22

Jamie Oliver's G20 Dinner, April 2009, 2:41

The Fonz Supports Learning Differences, January 2010, 1:46

The PM at the David Beckham Academy, January 2008, 1:41

Simon Powell and Paul Potts at Downing Street, December 2007, 3:45


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