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Academic Literature


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Audio-visual Links


“Political Marketing” 3:26

New Zealand Campaigning

“2008 National Party Campaign Opening Address” (NZ) 5:14

"Labour Ad - Facts about National's Record" 0.30

"Labour's 2011 Opening TV Address" 20.05

"National Party Campaign Video No 1" 0.15 

United States Campaigning

“3am, the White House Phone is Ringing” 0:31 (1992)

"Armed Chinese Troops in Texas (Ron Paul)" 3.11

"Rick Perry: Honor" 0.59

“UK Conservative Party Election Broadcast” 4:53

Green party amusing ad

Amusing Green party UK kid party - ‘GrownUpPolitics - Green Party 2016 Party Election Broadcast’ Published on Apr 6, 2016 -


Ewen, S (2008). "Can Obama Teach You? Yes, He Can." Brandweek 49, no. 43: 13

Campaigns down under blog - see

NZ election ad site

Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘continuity and change’ slogan straight out of VeepThe Guardian (March 2016) – Article pointing out that Turnbull’s new campaign slogan exactly matches that of a ‘meaningless’ slogan used in season four of political satire program Veep.

Practical Campaign Advice

Why Grassroots MatterPolitical Trade Secrets (August 2015) – Article by campaign consultant Sean Bartley on the importance of grassroots campaigning.

Rule of 7: Returns on RepetitionPolitical Trade Secrets (September 2015) – Article by campaign consultant Sean Bartley on the benefits of repeating messages to the electorate in campaigns.

Canadian 2015 Election

What Justin Trudeau’s Remarkable Rise Teaches Us About the Future of Political MarketingMedium (December 2015) – Article discussing the successes behind Trudeau’s style of campaigning and political marketing, particularly praising his ability to “create powerful moments that contain massive viral potential.” - Claims this is the future of political campaigning and politicians the world over should pay attention.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Also The Selfie King Of CanadaHuffington Post (December 2015) – Article discussing Trudeau’s use of selfies in the 2015 Canadian election campaign, and how effective it was as a form of free advertising.

Justin Trudeau’s Winning CampaignMarketing Magazine Canada (November 2015) – Article focusing on the successes and effectiveness of Trudeau’s political advertising campaigns in the 2015 Canadian election, with a particular focus on the campaign consultants that made it happen.

Canada Election 2015: Campaign Ads All About Leadership As Race Enters Decision PhaseHuffington Post (June 2015) – Article discussing the campaign advertisements from the three main candidates in the final stages of the 2015 Canadian election, and how they are particularly focusing on leadership.

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