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Get out the vote

Academic Literature

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NZ Electoral Commission in the 2014 NZ election - Lorde isn’t old enough to vote?. Hear what she has to say about the importance of voting.  0:52

Rock The Vote presents #TURNOUTFORWHAT starring Lil Jon and featuring Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, E.J. Johnson, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush, Ireland Baldwin, Devendra Banhart, Ioanna Gika and Gabriel Valenciano - 3:26 -


Make a plan to vote like Vice President Joe Biden

NZ Labour 2017 Get out the vote ad ‘The future is in your hands’

Door knocking – media clip into what they do TVNZ’s behind the scenes in the election series in the 2014 NZ election

Door knocking – media clip into what they do TVNZ’s behind the scenes in the election series in the 2014 NZ election -

US 2014 midterm GOTV – Fox news segment Operation Ground Game: Parties drive to get out the vote in final stretch - 2:50

The NZ National Party’s 15 Second Get Out The Vote Ad in the 2014 NZ election, September 16 2014 -

NZ National Party message "Get out and Vote" 2011 NZ election 1.32

"Terry Tate Get out the Vote"

"Michael Bennet for the US"

Broadbent Institute’s ‘Can’t Wait’ Video Is The Funniest Get Out And Vote Message We’ve Seen – Huffington Post (September 2015) – Humorous GOTV advertisement from left-leaning think tank The Broadbent Institute.


Problems with Republican GOTV system in the US 2012 election

‘Obama campaign emails now targeting specific individuals' discusses how the campaign used FB to suggest to volunteers which of their friends they should contact to get out to vote

Ross, Jim ( (2008), excerpts from <>

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